We take our service serious, along with the quality of the products we sell. Let’s have fun together for your home, yard and business projects. We truly look forward to helping our J-town community!

We want you to feel right at home at J-town Hardware. If you’ve been coming for years, it’s nice to meet you if we haven’t met already. If you’re new to the area, please stop by. Don’t make it just an errand. Make it an experience! We’ll have plenty of creative things for our community of local customers, vendors, suppliers, fans, friends and our Hardware Team. Contact us today with any questions or feedback. We appreciate you and thank you for your business!

Jeffersontown Hardware, we’re much more than a place to buy hardware and general store goods. We’re your fix it up center too.We take pride in getting your equipment back to you in good condition and in a timely manner.

Begin cliches:

Our team has been around the block a few times.
It’s not their first rodeo.
They weren’t born yesterday.

End Cliches.

All kidding aside, we do have experienced repair men who were not trained yesterday. You can also easily find them in our store.

If you have a repair need or a question about a possible repair, then contact us at 267-7406 or fill out our quick contact form below. Someone from our team will get back with you quickly.

  • Glass Repair

  • Window Screen Repairs

  • Mower and Chainsaw Blade Sharpening

  • Stove Pipe Crimping

  • Pipe Threading (ask about size limits)

  • Key Cutting

  • Mower/SVS repair

  • Lamp Repair

  • Small Engine Repair

  • and we even Fix Wheelbarrow Tires

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Call: 502-267-7406

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